Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hubby's Birthday

Hubby turned 34 years on 15th April. We had a simple birthday celebration at home on 2 nights - 14th & 15th. On the 14th, hubby received his birthday gift : a 2-tier Japanese Bento Kingyo (Goldfish) Lunchbox which I bought from Japan. In this case we packed his dinner inside it because he was back late from work due to a photoshoot at the clinic.

My mom cooked dinner that night. Marissa also enjoyed eating dinner. She doesn't like to eat much porridge so we feed her everything else that we eat and to our surprise she will willingly try everything! When she's done, she'll shake her head or hand to mean 'no'.

On the 15th, Larry's mom cooked dinner and made hard-boiled eggs. We also had a carrot cake which was ordered from Dreamcenter's cafeteria. RM50 for a whole cake but it was very delicious!

Evan helped me decorate the cake with a duck family and alphabet picks.


BuffaFly said...

cute cake. irene's carrot cake is good. RM50 is relatively cheap right? I think it tastes much better than secret recipe's.

hui-wearn said...

yes it's worth every sen!

mama23beas said...

Hi hwtuan...I'm Ros, from MMB...sorry for such a surprise. I'm planning for a very last minute Mothering Mothers 2009. Just got the approval ffrom UMMC, but the visit must be on Saturday, May 9 a day before. Am gathering as much support as I can. Hope you are still interested to contribute.
Nesw will be updated in my blog, latest tomorrow.