Friday, May 15, 2009


Marissa is going on 11 months! time really flies and soon she will be one! A super duper birthday party celebration is in the works now. Making it a big one cos I won't be doing a party for Evan this year except just celebrating it at his kindergarten.
Marissa is almost walking - I hope she will be good at it by her first birthday!
She doesnt really talk yet but she knows how to communicate what she wants by pointing or by voicing her displeasure.
If we give her a book - she'll turn the pages. She also knows how to upright the book if given to her upside down. She can comb her hair, clap her hands, wave bye-bye & hello, dance/shake her body whenever requested.

For my birthday which was on the 13th, I also received a fish just like hubby. This time it's a red-bean vanilla flavoured wafer ice-cream at Sushi Zanmai, Gardens.

We were there for dinner that day and had ramen, tempura and sushi. The place was packed! Food was only so-so.....

Evan entertained himself with Larry's notebook watching Power Rangers and Marissa ate noodles.

And this baby boy is the latest addition to the family - my nephew - born on 10th May via C-section at 3.55kg at Pantai Cheras. No name yet!

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