Sunday, May 31, 2009

Noah's Ark Costume Party at TJC

Evan all dressed up as an owl for his kindergarten's end of semester party on 29th May 2009. I bought the costume off ebay UK. I thought it is a simple and easy-to-wear costume - just a cape and a hat. He wore a pair of brown tights from his Peter Pan costume and a double-sleeved tee back to front as I wanted the tee to be plain color.

Evan with his one of his teachers : Teacher Mei Leng

Evan with his class teacher : Teacher Esther

Evan with his 'girlfriends'.....

I prepared cheese sandwiches for the party. Super fast & easy using the bear & rabbit cutter bento tools. Evan was very happy when I picked him up from school. He could tell me what animals his friends were. Some kids didn't turn up in costume though and some wore 'princessy' gowns.


jazzmint said...

hi there hui wearn, now i remember the costume hehe...he looks vy cool

hui-wearn said...

thanks! he was sooooo excited that day! when i picked him up from school he could tell me who was what animal. and i remember him telling me that faythe was a ladybug!