Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Big Bookworm

Since I have blogged about my 'little' bookworm, I will now also blog about my 'big' bookworm. He's pictured here with one of his favourite books (he has so many favourites!) : Charlie Cook's Favourite Book by Julia Donaldson.

The book is about Charlie Cook who reads his favourite book and in his book he reads about a pirate who has a favourite book which is about Goldilocks. And in Goldilocks' story, she reads her favourite book which is about a knight. This goes on and on with many favourite books till Charlie Cook becomes a story himself read by a ghost. Sounds pretty confusing, huh? But Evan loves reading the different 'books' in this book. The text is well written in verse/rhyme and the illustrations are humorous!

Evan's favourite pages are the ones featuring the pirate, knight and the thief. This paperback book includes an audio CD which Evan listens to in the car. He can even sing the song as well!

Marissa peeking into the camera.....

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