Friday, October 9, 2009

My Little Bookworm

If I were to take part in the Little Bookworm Contest.... this would be my entry.... heheheh.....
Introducing..... Marissa with her absolutely favourite all-time book : The Very Hungry Caterpillar by acclaimed author/illustrator : Eric Carle! This is a board book & plush toy set.

Whenever Marissa wants me to read the book with her, she will grab the caterpillar and show it to me saying "read! read!". So I get the book from the shelf and sit with her to read.
"egg!" says Marissa pointing to the first page. Then when we come to the page where the caterpillar (who hatched from the egg) is very very very hungry, there's a spread of various food on the pages. This is when Marissa gets into action with her plush caterpillar.
"yummy, yummy, yummy" she says while her caterpillar 'eats' the strawberries, apple, pear, ice cream, sausage, etc etc etc.
"eat! eat!" as she continues stuffing her plush toy with more food!
When the drama is over, the caterpillar turns into a cocoon. This is when she will say "fat". Yeah - fat caterpillar and fat cocoon. Then the last page shows a beautiful butterfly.

I've since bought more books from Eric Carle for her but this one remains her favourite.

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pauline s said...

my daughter have that book too but no soft toy coz' we bought the book from Pay Less Book!