Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Cross-stitch Creations

My mom taught me how to cross stitch when I was in pre-school perhaps when I was 5 or 6 years old. She was a home science teacher and she taught baking, cooking, sewing & etc to secondary school children. In primary school I had cross stitch projects. I remember that I cross stitched a tote bag in Std 2 or 3. I used to tote my water bottle and snack in it to school - something like a bento lunchbag nowadays.

I continued with cross stitch even up to my secondary school years. I would go to the craft shop in my home town to search for cross stitch designs. My mom had a few cross stitch pattern books but I prefer to stitch Precious Moments.  I stitched mostly Precious Moments cos I just love the sweet designs and bible verses by Sam Butcher. During the school holidays, I took special orders from my church members and sold quite a lot of framed cross stitch. In the process, made some pocket money! I sold each cross stitch frame for about RM50-RM80 depending on the design.

Even in university I stitched a little here and there - nothing major - for weddings/gifts. In KL/PJ, I could easily purchase cross stitch materials and books! Upon graduation, I was posted to Negeri Sembilan. I had a lot of free time during work..... no internet access........ so do what? Cross Stitch! It cna be quite addictive once you start! I stitched the cats photographed above when I was in government service serving in the rural FELDA scheme (heard of FELDA Jelai anyone?).

Well, after having kids........ cannot concentrate on cross stitch already...... plus there are so many distractions now....... not like I am in a kampung or small town with hardly anything to do except watch TV/read/cross stitch.

I've got a stack of cross stitch books & thread in the cupboard..... perhaps can teach Evan Marissa to cross stitch when she's older! Now I am wondering why my mom didn't teach me how to crochet? Ummmmmm.... maybe she did but I wasn't interested! She also sent me to sewing classes after my form 6 but again I wasn't that interested in sewing...... She didn't really teach me to cook either so I am so not an expert in the kitchen. Baking? My mom can do it so well but I just use my oven mainly to make cheese toast.  My dad was good in sports eg tennis, volleyball, hockey, ping pong etc but I didn't even make the team to represent my school in any of those events.... Instead, I went on to play Chess!?!?  Now I wonder whether my kids will excel in whatever I want to teach them..... A game of chess anyone?

 Marissa requested for her photo to be taken by saying "cheeeeese cheeeeese" Then she posed and posed while I snapped. Finally she asks to see the photos in the camera over and over again......

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A Mom's Diary said...

I loved doing cross stitch too when I was in school - it's been such a looonnnggg time since I last did any.