Friday, October 29, 2010

An admirer

Evan came back from school one day and he told me he received a card from Lydia. I've been hearing a lot about Lydia and was surprised that Lydia made a card for Evan. Anyway, he said that "Lydia loves Evan" is written on the card.  I wonder whether Lydia's mom had a part in this. Some more got Ben 10 stickers on the card (i suspect it came from one of the party packs the kids received recently).

He was very happy.... on cloud 9.... held the card last night while asleep. And yes..... Evan did present Lydia with one of his drawings before receiving this card but he didn't write any messages on it - only her name. For the record, it's the 2nd time Evan received a drawing from a girl.... what to do.... he likes to present girls with his artwork and now he's receiving artwork in return.