Monday, October 4, 2010

The 'Before' Photos

Sharing some pics of my empty condo unit....
Kitchen - with wall tiles. Not liking the wall tiles at all - should I hack them all out???

The other side of the kitchen - again the wall tiles demarcates the kitchen area from the dining area. Water pipes outlets are located on this wall.

 View of the kitchen - which leads to the yard.

Another water pipe outlet here. The stainless steel sinks are complimentary gifts from the developer but I won't be using them though as they are not suitable -  one is a double-bowl sink and the other is a single bowl sink.

 The kitchen door opens out to the yard - very spacious area.

This is where I will place my washing machine. The water outlet is on the wall plus, there's a drainage hole there too. There's a store room and a small bathroom here as well. Those rooms can be used as maid's quarters but since we don't have one, it will be a store room and spare bathroom.

Lots of space in the yard - gonna place some kitchen cabinets here. Plan to use this space as a laundry room.

 The living room

 Master bedroom. All rooms have solid timber flooring.

 Master bathroom with bathtub and rain shower head (not shown)

 Twin wash basins for the master bedroom

Bedroom 1 is right beside the master bedroom. Will install built-ins for this room for the kids.

Bedroom 2 is a smaller room. No built-ins for this room. Only loose furniture will be placed here.

The ensuite bathroom of Bedroom 2 has a rain shower head. There's also a powder room located opposite Bedroom 1 which has no ensuite bathroom.

Hope to start renovation works by mid-Oct. My ID has drawn 3 drafts in 3-D. Now, she's drawing the finer details eg exact measurements/materials/color. My kitchen designer is also drawing out my kitchen in 3D. The plans and drawings need to be submitted to the management office to be approved prior to renovation works. 

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