Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cooking Class by Dish Deli

More school holiday fun! Cooking class at Dish Deli

Evan joined the Little Cooks cooking class on 9th December from 3-5pm. RM70 per class inclusive of snacks i.e. orange juice/burger/french fries during break time.

He made scones, mini pizza, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate krispies. He was on his own as hubby sent him there and stayed just for awhile before leaving. Apparently, he gave witty remarks and comments throughout the entire class. Anyway, the food he prepared tasted good!

For more info on the cooking classes, check out Dish Deli's facebook page.

Here are more pics from the cooking class that day:

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Dish Deli said...

The children are cute and its enjoy to see their happy learning. Dish Deli