Tuesday, December 28, 2010


After a month of slow progress, the reno works are now moving at full speed ahead - I'm scratching my head at such a baffling phenomenon. My interior designer doesn't seem to have a sense of urgency regarding the reno works but now she appears to be rushing everything. I've got lots to complain but I'm just closing one eye and hoping the renovation completes in 2-3 weeks time and we can move house and settle in - just in time to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Framework for plaster ceiling. 

Plaster slabs up

 Plastered the ceiling to conceal the seams/gaps

 Hacking of the kitchen tiles - before

 Hacking the kitchen tiles - after

Re-wiring at the yard

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Allan said...

Good to see it is finally moving ahead! The speed of house reno is definitely one mystery that can never be explained...:-p