Sunday, December 12, 2010

Little Lambs Christmas Party

I brought the kids to DUMC's 2nd Little Lambs Christmas Party. We attended last year's one but this year's party was much better organized. Hubby had a meeting in church so he didn't make it with us.

Upon registration, all families queued up to get their pics taken by a photographer at the backdrop above. We were one of the earliest so the photography was done quite fast. Then we proceeded to the craft center on the other side of the hall to collect our craft item which was a photo frame.

Joseph came to lend a helping hand with decorating the photo frame. Scissors and double-sided were provided. We had to get creative and decorate the photo frame with ribbons, stickers and felt cut-outs.

Evan did most of the decorating and this is the result. At the end of the party, our photo was ready and we get to frame it up immediately and keep it as a souvenier.

Talented children from Little Lambs performed on stage! Then it was a great time of singing praise and worship songs. Evan participated with the other kids but Marissa clung on koala-like to me cos she was already very tired.

After Pastor Nancy gave her speech, Uncle Billy the Clown entertained everyone with magic tricks and shared the Christmas message. Yummy lunch was served but with 2 kids in tow - we only could manage some finger food. Hubby picked us up soon after and Marissa - who was cranky already - KO'ed in the car. We ended up tapau-ing KFC on the way home. 

Anyway, the take home message of the day was - Christmas is not all about presents but in gift-giving, we are reminded of God's greatest gift to all mankind - Jesus.