Thursday, February 17, 2011


We are in the process of severing ties with TMnet. Over the Chinese New Year hols, we subscribed to YES powered by YTL - the fastest 4G mobile internet with voice.

We paid RM399 for the huddle which is sort of like a wireless modem. Up to 4 wi-fi devices can connect to the huddle. There's also a one-time activation fee of RM50 and we get our very own 018 number. If we want to, we can just buy a handphone and use the number. We also purchased the RM50 reload (credit) for our Yes account. Minimum monthly bill is RM30 - pay as you use.

There's a nifty usage calculator at the which you can use to calculate your estimated monthly Yes bill. Charges are calculated for phone calls, sms, music, web, emails and YouTube usage.

Looking forward to buying an iPad! 

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