Monday, March 28, 2011


Finally - our very first iPad..... 
Purchased from MAChines in Mid Valley Megamall for RM1499 with 32GB memory. Initial plan was to buy the RM1199 entry level model with 16GB memory but it was already sold out. Since Apple has already started selling iPad2, they no longer manufacture iPad. The price of iPad has also reduced in Malaysia so as to clear stock to make way for its successor. 

We also bought an Ozaki iCoat iPad case from Epicenter, Pavilion.  Hubby likes the cork motive on the far left but I prefer the white woodgrain one beside it. So hubby bought what I like. RM179 for the microfibre case which can prop up the iPad.

The kids enjoy playing games (what else?) and drawing on the iPad. Evan also practiced his Chinese spelling on the iPad - as requested by him. First time preparing for ting xie. Now I know it's on every Monday and the characters to be tested is copied in a small booklet. Was very blur before this. Ejaan is on Wednesdays and English spelling still remains a mystery.

Lego Creationary free iPad/iPhone/iPod game

Anyways...... so far downloaded some free apps. Probably with all the downloading, our YES usage bill shot up to over RM100 this month! Yikes! 
I've got Jamie Oliver and Martha Stewart apps on the iPad now. Really cool apps with how-to videos, recipes, shopping list etc. Of course, for the full range of recipes and all, have to fork out $ for it. Hubby says there are Dora and Maisy books available for purchase at the apps store. Probably will get them if not pricey.

Martha Stewart Makes Cookies free iPad app. Comes with about 10 recipes with beautiful mouth-watering photos! For all the recipes, videos etc have to upgrade and pay $ for it.