Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mother Garden Wooden Toys Review

I bought two sets of Mother Garden Wooden Toys for the kids - mainly for Marissa - but Evan also enjoys playing with them. Well, was very tempted to buy the wooden kitchen set too but the kids already have a kitchen set.... too bad.....anyway, Marissa prefers the Strawberry Chocolate Party Set. She can play by herself for some time. She cuts the velcro tabbed cake and swiss roll with a wooden knife..... drinks tea, assembles the magnetic ice cream and chocolate bar, decorates the swiss rolls..... cuts the fruits and vege..... assembles the velcro cream biscuits etc etc etc. When she's done, she will clear up everything back into the wooden box.

The wooden toys are quite realistic looking. The chocolate treats look good enough to eat! As the toys are hand painted, there are some minor imperfections. Some of the food has stickers on it e.g. the ice cream cone. If painted, it would look nicer. The paint are all non-toxic and meets safety standards but having said that, it's still not recommended to give these wooden toys to very young children as they tend to chew and put toys into their mouths. 

There are a few spelling mistakes on the toys e.g. Chocolate was spelled as Chocolat and Hamburger was spelled as Humberger. But overall, a nice classic wooden toy for boys and girls alike..... great as photography props too!

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