Monday, November 14, 2011

Graduation & Awards

TJC had their annual Graduation & Awards ceremony recently. 
Evan was one of the graduates..... he was really looking forward to the event cos he will be performing in a dance together with his Petunia classmates.... and he will also be in the choir.

Prior to the ceremony, the graduating 6-year olds had their graduation portraits and class photo taken in school. Looking back, I never had the chance to actually 'graduate' from kindergarten at all - in other words, no graduation ceremony. When it was over, that was it - proceed to standard one. No photos, no gowns, no mortar boards and no awards. Oh well.... actually there was the annual concert to showcase our talents and that was it.

Mrs Stephanie Wong - the principal of TJC, spoke about the theme for the night : "You've Got Talents" - where each and every child is recognized as individually different and blessed with different talents. Hence, this year onwards, each graduating child will receive an award. To give you a better picture, here are some of the awards which were given out : Best Helper, Best Conduct, Great Coloring, Awesome Artist, Most Caring, Bright Smile, Most Attentive, Best improvement, Creativity in Music & Movement, Best Reader in English, Math, etc and Student of the Year. Way to go TJC!

Evan received an award called "The Golden Rule Award" for best memorization of bible verses. The school has a booklet with bible verses for the kids to memorize. So every morning on the way to school, Evan will read and memorize the verses in the booklet. Looks like his effort paid off! It was indeed a pleasant surprise at the ceremony when it was announced that he won that particular award in his class. I am one proud mommy! Here's a pic of the slide that appeared when Evan went on stage to receive his scroll and award.

All the performances up on stage were so captivating. Tears welled up in my eyes when the kids sang 2 very touching songs in English and Mandarin. Good bye and farewell to Tadika Juara Cerdik - it's time to move on to another chapter! 

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Congrats on your graduation!