Saturday, November 19, 2011


Evan wanted to be a magician for his kindergarten's circus-themed costume party to celebrate the end of the school year. So, we obliged him by getting a few items to complete his costume.

We purchased a plastic top hat (RM10.90) and wand (RM6) from Party World, a cloak/cape (RM23.90) from Balloons Bouquet and a coat from Domii (RM79.90). 

All other items are Evan's own i.e. red striped long sleeve shirt, underwear and socks from Gymboree, bow tie from Domii and black pants from last year's kindy annual concert. Larry folded a paper rabbit and I helped cello-taped it to the top hat. I also made a white band to encircle the hat - to match the wand. The 'cummerbund' is actually a curtain tie-back which I fastened to his waist with paperclips! I also sewed some playing cards on his cape. Larry styled his hair with gel. Evan wanted a moustache but I was not keen. I think he looks very dashing like this!

Hubby only managed to snap a dozen or so pics at the party...... and here are the selected few:
The children had snacks, games and singing. Then Pastor Margaret gave out the prizes for best dressed boy/girl from each class. Evan's classmate who was dressed as a circus tent won the prize for Petunia class. There were tigers and lions in his class.... and a lion tamer too! 

The following morning, we collected Evan's progress report from his class teacher. With that, Evan's kindergarten years officially came to a close.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I wish to give you an honest bare-bones feedback. i teach at an international preschool. All my colleagues and I have an unwritten policy in judging costumes. I reckon many other teachers in local preschools share the same principle too. For costume parades we emphasise, above all, creativity - as we do in all learning activities.

Creativity means create. Usually handmade. Works/labour and fruits of thought and creative expression, not money. So sorry, if you're endeavoring to bring up a child to think creatively (a critical life skill), spending over a hundred bucks for a preschool costume party does not help. Conversely, it will hinder creative development and breed unintended consequences such as materialism ie "money can win or solve all" syndrome.

Take care.

Hui-Wearn said...

Thanks for your feedback - appreciate it. Yes, I totally agree with you regarding the creativity part and we know that his costume is mainly store-bought items and definitely he will not win 'best dressed'.
To us, as long as he is happy to dress up/ pretend what he wanted to be i.e. magician, with whatever we could put together, then it's ok.

We actually made a rabbit for the hat and used a white band of paper to decorate the hat. I also used a curtain tie-back secured with paperclips as the cummerbund and sewed some playing cards on the cape for the added effect. My son knows that too. Hence, his costume is not entirely store-bought or rented but it was put together rather creatively.

Anonymous said...

sorry if i hurt your feelings with my frankness. I do mean well. In good faith and goodwill, I wish to share a nice resource link for kids' DIY and crafts:

I found the costumes so amazing!

Hui-Wearn said...

Thanks for the links!