Friday, November 4, 2011

ASP Mini Concert

I managed to attend Evan's After School Program mini concert today after suffering from severe food poisoning for the past week - thanks to the curry I ate on Deepavali. Anyway, I am much better now and still continuing my antibiotics and probiotics.

The concert started very promptly at 1:30pm after a simple lunch (meehoon, fried rice, wantans and vegetarian curry). After an introduction by Teacher Yuan Ling and the customary speeches...... 2 talented 6-year olds came up on stage to emcee the event.

Former principal : Mrs. Cynthia Ngui presented the certs to the 'graduating' 6-year olds. Here's Evan with his 'sweet' smile.

Then the 6-year olds introduced themselves on stage and talked about their favourite ASP activity. Of course, Evan's one was undoubtedly 'Art & Craft'.... so he's video-ed here together with a few of his friends who share the same interest.

The 5-year olds were up next with a skit 'The Little Yellow Hen'....... well.... it's actually the story of The Little Red Hen.... but since they don't have a red chicken costume...... the title was changed accordingly! Most of them have painted faces of various animals who refused to help the Hen.

There was also a solo performed by one of Evan's classmates - a tall girl who sang 'I Have a Dream'. Then the 6-year olds presented this: (the principal's daughter is just beside him!)

For the finale, everyone went up on stage to sing 2 Chinese songs:

Well, thus ends Evan's last day at the ASP. I am sure he will treasure all the fond memories there.


prince n princess mum said...

Lovely concert!

CathJ said...


Can't wait for my big boy concert soon..