Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Homeschool Curriculum

We use a variety of resources/curriculum in our homeschool program.

History/Geography/Language Arts(English):
Hubby and I chose Sonlight's curriculum for Evan as it's essentially, a literature-based curriculum whereby there's a lot of reading done from books both fiction & non-fiction.

I purchased Sonlight's Core B program with Grade 2 readers and also their Language Arts for Grade 2 Instructor Guide. Basically the core program is 'Intro to World History'. It includes an Instructor Guide, books and CD. The core program covers History, Bible study, Geography and Reading. The Language Arts Instructor Guide is basically English Language based on the books in the core program. 

Bible Study/Devotion: We've been using various books and children's bible for devotion with the kids.

Science: We purchased Biology I from Noeo Science. The program includes an Instructor Guide, books and experiment kits. It covers topics like weather, animals and the human body. Chemistry I and Physics I will follow. However, Evan learns a lot of Science just by watching and reading The Magic Schoolbus series. We also just started using Apologia's Junior Notebooking Journal on the human body and Ein-O's Science kits.

Math: I purchased Singapore syllabus Math textbooks & workbooks (1B & 2A) from the Discover Math series at University Bookstore (S.14 PJ). Popular @ IPC also carries the same books but with 10% off for members. We also use AOP's Horizon Math which I find very systematic and easy to understand. So far, Evan has completed Maths Grade 1 and is now in Grade 2. Marissa is also doing Horizon Math at K level.

Bahasa Malaysia: This is one tough nut to crack. Not much good literature around.... only workbooks which are so boring. So, for the moment, BM takes a back seat. 

Mandarin: I managed to get some nice picture books with large Chinese characters from MPH and Popular. I purchased Rosetta Stone's Chinese Language program for homeschool, Levels 1-3. So far, Evan has shown interest in learning Chinese. For me, the goal is to be able to appreciate Chinese culture and also learn basic conversational Mandarin. Reading - at least basic characters will be good enough. Probably may consider sending Evan & Marissa for some Chinese language edudrama program next year.

Art & Crafts: Evan's favourite subject. We do some art projects on and off. Evan and Marissa also enrolled in Joy Arts Center for arts & crafts (10 lessons) under a Groupon promotion. They will be going for a workshop on abstract art painting during the Raya break.

Sports: Evan has swimming lessons every week. The kids also love going to the play gyms. Other sports which we intend to do is cycling - after they graduate from scootering. Evan will also be going for trial classes in fencing. I also intend to enrol him for gymnastics & football next year if time/budget permits.

Music: Evan started his music appreciation classes at Ann Perreau's in February. He also started his piano lessons in May at Ann Perreau's as well. We also attended a series of concerts at the MPO and will continue to do so. I intend to start Marissa on music classes next year.

Dance: Marissa is joining baby ballet at STSDS while Evan continues with his Primary ballet syllabus. This year, we managed to attend 2 ballet concerts at Istana Budaya and a ballet appreciation session at the Esplanade Singapore.

Speech/Drama/Theatre: We joined Gardner & Wife (see previous post) as members. So far, we've enjoyed 2 theatre shows at PJ Live Arts. Evan & Marissa were both attending Blubrick's Speech & Drama classes at Hobby Hop In for a term (10 weeks). After that, they continued at KLPAC for a term of 10 weeks. 2nd term is scheduled to resume in September.


Argentinadog said...

Wow! You're got almost everything covered! *clap clap*

No Dentistry 101? :-P

Hui-Wearn said...

Dentistry 101 is an optional subject but we've got it covered already ;P

A Mom's Diary said...

Do you still practice? How do you find the time to do all these, plus your baking as well? Salute salute.

Hui-Wearn said...

I've cut down my working hours! Will be full time work at home mom in the very near future!