Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kidzania! Again!

We visited Kidzania again thanks buffafly who gave us vouchers for 50% off the published entry rates. Evan & Marissa went to Air Asia first to work as pilots and air cabin staff. After earning some Kidzos, they went over to the KPJ Hospital. Evan joined the surgical team - learning about the effects of smoking and performed a surgical procedure. Marissa went to the paediatric ward where she worked as a staff nurse bathing the babies and feeding them! Then she went into another room where she performed an endoscopy.

Then they went to a few factories within the same floor : the pic below shows the Dell computer factory - for older kids. They also visited the Vitagen factory - and after the visit, each received a Vitagen drink. Evan also visited the Seamaster water bottling factory and the Oreo cookie factory. He received a bottle of Seamaster mineral water and a mini pack of Oreo's.

 Evan & Lewis (a boy whom he met earlier at the hospital)

Since it's almost lunch time, I brought them to ground floor to learn how to make sushi at Sushi King. Here they spent some of their hard-earned Kidzos for the class and after that, get to bring back a box of their creations - which we ate immediately at the seating area right outside Sushi King. There's also a small shop selling expensive snacks (all food here is expensive) beside Sushi King.

After fueling up, the kids went over to the construction site. Evan worked as a window cleaning guy (pics below) and also worked at the construction site laying bricks. Then both of them worked as painters - using Nippon paint.

Marissa got all dolled up at the beauty salon! She had a make-over and hair-do done there. She didn't do her nails though.

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At Z-Mart just beside the construction site, Evan worked as the cashier while his friend Lewis was a shopper there.

Evan & Lewis together again working with Tenaga Nasional berhad - helping out the technician fix a street lamp.

Evan & Marissa both went to the fire station and helped put out the fire at the hotel. The fire station is highly popular - usually there's a queue.

Another popular attraction at Kidzania  - the spy training center: Evan was brave enough to jump down from this 2-storey building with a safety cord as part of the 'training'.

Marissa went over to Marrybrown where she joined other children in a hands-on burger making activity. Of course, we ate the burger as soon as it was prepared!

Evan & Marissa also worked at the petrol station as pump attendants, earning 8 Kidzos each. Evan also worked as a Poslaju courier guy. 

With all the Kidzos earned from this trip and the balance from the first trip, Evan went into the department store and spent it on a toy worth 220 Kidzos. Marissa also got to choose a toy from the smaller toy shop where everything is 50 Kidzos. Last stop before we left was the photo station where I paid RM20 each for a photos of Evan and Marissa. Then we left just before 4pm (it was Ramadhan hence it closes earlier than the usual 5pm). A most fun trip and looking forward to our 3rd trip (don't know when!) to explore other activities e.g. acting academy, journalist, newscaster, judge etc.

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