Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Playing Games

For his upcoming 7th birthday, I purchased Evan a portable junior carrom set from Toys R Us (RM85.90). I am keen to introduce this game to him cos I used to play it when I was a kid! My dad had a wooden carrom board and he taught my brother and me how to play.

Here's a pic of Evan having fun with his carrom set. He has already beaten me at the game!

Evan also enjoys playing draughts/checkers aka dam haji and has also beaten me numerous times (sometimes I give chance la....)! 

I've taught him chess too but we hardly play..... well, looks like it's time to dig out the old chess set and start strategizing! I still remember my brothers and I used represent our district for the state level chess championships and later on, representing Johor at national level. Yours truly played chess competitively for almost 10 yrs before retiring and venturing into Scrabble! Two weeks ago, I taught Evan how to play Scrabble and we enjoy playing each other although I get impatient waiting for his turn!

Now, I am looking into buying a portable congkak set cos Marissa is asking for it. Will see how the games go!

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