Monday, September 24, 2012


Ever since Evan received his new pair of spectacles, he has been introducing himself to his friends as 'Jonathan' because he looks different! 

A typical conversation goes like this:
"Hi! I am Jonathan!"
"No! You are Evan!"
"No.... I am Evan's twin!"
Since he turned 7 in mid-August, Evan has been taking down sermon notes but he had trouble reading the words on the slides. So, we made an appointment for him at the eye specialist. Marissa was due for her check up as well so both of them went together. His astigmatism and mine are just about the same at about 150-200! Power is low though.

So far, he has been diligently wearing his spectacles..... and impersonating Brainy Smurf or any other character who wears specs.....

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Jonathan said...

Hey evan. I do hope you still remember me as you have chosen a good name for your specs.. anyway how is he doing in standard two?