Monday, September 3, 2012

Dim Sum at Publika

New Shanghai Legend restaurant at Publika's Eat foodcourt serves Dim Sum! We kinda stumbled upon it while looking around for breakfast fare.

Customers can purchase cakes/buns/mooncakes from the counter.

Large and clean display area and steaming center

The interior is very tastefully decorated

We were the only ones in the restaurant at 10am in the morning on a Thursday!

Pan-fried radish cake RM8.80. Yummy! Tastes and smells delicious.
Giant BBQ chicken pau RM3.50. Also highly recommended.
Lotus rabbit bun RM3.50 - Marissa gladly ate this and almost finished it up by herself. 

Rice rolls with dried shrimps RM6.80. Not too bad. I enjoyed the dried shrimps more than the rolls. Would have preferred it to be Hong Kong style chee cheong fun though.
Glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf RM6.80. Very good.

And we also ordered xiao mai RM8.80 and salad shrimp RM6.80. The salad shrimp was a huge one, cut into 2. Crunchy skin and succulent filling inside.

The chinese tea is super expensive! Didn't realised it until we got the bill RM18 for a pot of Imperial Pu-Er Tea. But then, it was really nice but RM18 is on the high side. Dim Sum is on par with Reunion of Bangsar Village. But the best Dim Sum place for us is still Oriental at Jaya 33 in terms of food and pricing.

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