Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Cow jumped over the Moon

The moon was as round as can be on the fifteen day of the eighth lunar month. We brought Evan down to the poolside to play with 'tanglung'. We manage to buy a small swallow shaped lantern and candles at the eleventh hour near our workplace in OUG.
When Evan saw the moon he kept on pointing and shouting "Moon! Moon!". Well it reminds him of his favourite nursery rhyme, in which the cow jumped over the moon.

Hey so many candles! And Evan promptly sang the Happy Birthday Song - to Mommy! I remember that when I was young, my parents would buy lanterns for me and my brothers and we walked around the neighbourhood. Not many children around because we were the only ones staying in a shophouse.

This fish lantern was bought last year but was not used so we took it out to play. Later on, a few of Evan's friends joined us and they lighted more lanterns together.

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eskay said...

Cow jump over the moon? hehe.. must ask Evan to sing for me next time!!