Friday, September 7, 2007

Gifts Galore!

Evan received lots of pressies and ang pows for his birthday. We bought him Mr. Potato and friends – and he really enjoyed playing with the spud buds. Kai Ma Siok Keim bought him a pair of crocs shoes with Mickey Mouse on it. He wore them immediately after removing them from the bag! REALLY comfy and so stylo milo! Kai Ma really has good taste la! Thanks!!!

Elmo backpack with set of 4 game cards is from Auntie Haw Yeng. She was so thoughtful! Other gits include a Thomas the Train alphabet & numbers block Learning Set, Playdoh Barbeque Set, Books, T-Shirt etc My dad requested that we buy Evan a tricycle with the ang pow money he gave but can’t seem to find anything suitable yet.....

This drumset was one of the gifts Evan received - from Irene Goh & family (Subang Methodist Church). Look at him play!

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eskay said...

A drum set!!! That's a lil extravagant fo a gift eh? Evan's so blessed!!!!