Monday, January 11, 2010

School's in!

Accompanied Evan to TJC today. School has actually started since last week but only for the newbies (read crying, vomitting and stress) so that they can settle in. All returning students start one week later.

The brick boss a.k.a. my brother (the heavier one) presented Evan with an alarm clock to help him wake up in the mornings to get ready for school. It's no ordinary clock mind you *ahem* it's LEGO Star Wars! Evan likes Lego and also Star Wars (thanks no thanks to his uncle's influence....) so he likes this clock very much.

I removed the torrent gun from the box and kept all the packaging before giving the clock to Evan. I also told him the Stormtrooper and Chewbacca the Wookiee are friends and they don't fight. He said OK and promptly 'introduced' the two new Star Wars minifigs to his other Lego minfigs i.e. chef, bus driver, knight etc all from his other Lego sets. No problem waking up in the morning with the alarm clock. No rushing and he was ready and eager for school.

We went to school together with Joseph & family. The boys are in different classes this year. Evan is now in 5 Aster and his teacher is Cindy. I introduced Evan to his new teacher and he sat down with his friends. He chatted away happily and felt right at home! 

Prior to this we had prepared him in advance that school will be reopening and once that happens he will have to go. Evan also has a calendar hanging in his room and his Daddy will show him the dates and remind him that when it's the 11th, it's back to school. We also put down interesting events on the calendar as well e.g. Jungle Gym, Art Class etc


Allan said...

Stormtrooper and Chewie are friends?!!! What are you trying to teach Evan? Poor kid...*shakes head*...:-p

Hui-Wearn said...

Well..... I am sure he will be playing 'light saber' and 'fighting' with those 2 minifigs soon.... he KNOWS his Star Wars too well *sigh*

Sau-Wern said...

I thought the clock shows Chewie plucking the poor stormtrooper's arm out of his sockets..


Hui-Wearn said...

yeah I know.... only noticed it after opening the box. so we told Evan that Chewie is 'fixing' the Stormtrooper. Anyway I don't think he noticed too much of it.

Wei Chung said...

geeee... smart.. twisting the truth ar..

Allan said...

Good eyes, Sau-Wern! I didn't even notice it! What a violent clock!! :-p