Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Color coordinated clothes for Photo Shoot!

We will be having a family photo portraiture shoot with Grace from Integricity Visuals. She suggested that we color coordinate our outfits so that we will look united as a family. So I guess it's time for some shopping!

The above dress is a Gymboree Vintage Fancy Dress in 12-18mos for Marissa. It's a lovely soft velour dress with embroidered rose stems at the hem and a cute bow in front. I actually bought it second hand off ebay USA. It still looks as good as new and in excellent condition! I also bought my little princess a pair of new shoes from Metrojaya. They are made from soft leather and are super comfy. Marissa also has a new pink hairband featuring Hello Kitty!

I bought myself a new pink polo tee with ruffles at the front from P&Co (Padini). Larry got himself a new pink polo tee from Factory Outlet plus a cool new pair of light khaki Dockers Mobile Pants (his favourite style). Hubby's waistline has expanded thus new pants were absolutely necessary!

Evan already has a pink polo tee from Hallmark, so I just bought him a new pair of light khaki pants from Renoma Junior (Metrojaya).
I've also asked my parents who are joining in the photo session to dress in pink too! I hope the photo shoot will turn out picture perfect!

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