Sunday, June 21, 2009

MMR Jab & PT Day

We brought Marissa to the paed for her MMR jab - a few days after her first birthday. She weighs 8kg now (exactly what I had predicted) and is within the average weight and height. Only her head size is above average - based on the chart for breastfed babies (formula-fed ones have a different chart). She is still reluctant to walk but prefers crawling and climbing everywhere. She has added a few more words to her babbling speech : banana (which she pronounces as na-na-NAH), papaya (papa-pah), bear, mamama (not sure whether she meant me or just babbling) and even something like dadada. She understands what we tell her or ask her to do eg give the toy, read book, sit down, come down, etc

Parents-Teachers Day at TJC on saturday morning. Larry & I went there early so that we can go to work after meeting Teacher Esther. We were parents no.2! no waiting and everything was settled within 15min. We were shown the exam papers, progress report book and some of his schoolwork.

Evan scored full marks for his numbers paper (surprisingly!), 96% for Chinese and 88% for English - looks like his Chinese is much better than English! For Chinese, he left out or overlooked one of the matching questions (must be too many lines criss-crossing that he didnt see it). Same thing for English - left out one of the boxes that he was supposed to match. I didn't know that he was supposed to recognize the 'color' words so I didnt revise it with him at all so he was 'guided' for that section but still made a few mistakes.

Writing - C (which is a great improvement from not being able to write at all to writing - albeit not so nice cos out of the lines but recognizable numbers/letters and chinese strokes).

Teacher Esther commented that he loves art and craft sessions and would pay full attention but when it's lesson time, he likes to day dream or disturb his friends. Anyway, I am satisfied with Evan's progress and hope that he will participate more actively in Super Fun Time as he is only interested in running around and not actively participating!

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