Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Birthday Fun

Marissa turned one today - 16th June 2009. We had an early birthday celebration on 14th June Sunday at Marmalade Cafe Bangsar Village II. It was a buffet dinner attended by about 50 guests including kids/babies. The theme was Hello Kitty - well - as Kitty is cute (and although she has no mouth - she speaks through her heart! ).

Photographed the party packs before giving them away at the party : 2 different treat bag designs with the following contents : Sunview raisins, stickers, spinning top, pinball game, wooly ball, magnet, perfumed tissue pack, mini sauce container & activity sheet. I also bought party decor like banner, lanterns & hanging decor from ebay USA. I got Balloons Bouquet (Bangsar) to blow up 12 helium Hello Kitty balloons and they delivered them to the cafe. Uncle Billy the Clown/Magician was at hand to entertain the little ones with his Cookie Monster puppet & magic tricks/illusions.

Marissa received a whole lot of gifts and 'lucky money'. She has a new wardrobe, 3 musical instruments and a few other toys plus ikan bilis! from Langkawi - thanks to Justine! I thought she would receive dolls or kitchen toys or tea sets or other 'girly' stuff but none at all! Surprisingly - all unisex toys! Will post more photos after Grace has completed editing them - can't wait for all the photos!

Happy Birthday little princess! All glory to God for a wonderful celebration and first year!

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