Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aquaria KLCC

Larry brought the kids to Aquaria KLCC on Sunday. RM50 total for the entrance fees. I didn't go in together with them - instead I went shopping on my own at Kinokuniya, Isetan & Parkson! Well, I was there before with Larry and baby Evan back in 2005.

Evan staring at the Araipaima. He quite enjoyed himself there watching the various sea animals (crocs & turtles included).

"Smile! I have clean teeth! The shark has dirty teeth!"

Larry told me that Aquaria also has insects on exhibit. These were the dead ones though. Evan was intrigued by the live tarantula. After an hour plus, they left Aquaria and we met up at KLCC's very user-friendly baby changing room. Marissa got her fix and then it's dinner at KLCC's food court.


KittyCat said...

Hi! Stumbled upon this post - is it RM50 for the adult and 2 kids? I'm planning to bring my tot there and wondering if it's worth it...

Is it crowded on weekends??? Silly question but I had to ask :)

hui-wearn said...

yeah RM50 for my hubby and boy who's 4 yrs old. my baby girl is free. if i remember correctly, RM22 for 3 year old child. RM28 per adult.
it was not too crowded when they went on a sunday evening but only thing is that the feeding sessions are in the afternoons.