Thursday, July 9, 2009

Strolling around

We bought Marissa this little stroller about a week ago so she can sort of 'practice' walking more rather than crawling around. She is very cautious when strolling the teddy bear - gingerly taking one step at a time!
As for strolling Marissa around in her Quinny Stroller, she's OK compared to her brother last time although she prefers us carrying her than pushing her.
Evan likes to sit in the Quinny Stroller nowadays. We don't mind pushing him around as long as we don't have to yell at him to follow us or not to run or not to do this or that!

On a different note, photos of the birthday party celebration is ready and the DVD is on its way here! Very excited and anxious to view the pics!

Marissa added a few more words to her vocab. She can say 'duck', 'bye-bye', 'mah-mah' and 'baby'. She can point to her nose, our noses, her belly button, her ears, mouth etc. and she can feed herself quite well with a spoon.

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