Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All dressed up!

Finally! (again!) managed to whip out the camera and snap some shots of Marissa parading in her custom-made tutu & accessories by Tutu Workshop! I was very impressed with the fast customisation and delivery of the items! The items were so professionally done and no one could ever guess they were all made from scratch! Thanks again Joanne for organizing the contest and for the lovely prize! Will get my brother Wei-Chung to snap more photos with his DSLR since he's back from Germany after his graduation.

Speaking of Germany, Wei-Chung lugged back 2 big luggage bags of Porsche souveniors, Swatch watches, Sigg bottles, Pressure Cooker (requested by my mom.....), Lego toys and some books as well. Thank you!!!

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Jess said...

The tutu fit her nicely.

From Jess