Sunday, September 6, 2009

Photobook Malaysia

Finally! Marissa's 1st birthday party photobook is ready! It took me less than 2 days to choose the pics & come up with the lay-out for this medium land-scape photobook. The application was very easy to use but actually the main reason that I was soooo fast was because 31st Aug was the last day for the 25% discount on all photobooks at Photobook Malaysia so I had to act fast.

The cost was RN177.60 for 40 pages and I upgraded to 'matte' pages which was just great. I received the book in just 5 business days!

Everything was good except for a small printing error on one of the pages and the funny cover color...... which was supposed to be 'light purple'.

All in all - a decent photobook and at a reasonable price.

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jazzmint said...

i was rushing for the photobook too haha...but didn't lucky they extended the 25% till raya, cause it took so long to upload to server :(