Friday, September 18, 2009

Marissa's 'New' Bed

This is Marissa's 'new' bed! Larry converted her cot into this toddler bed last night. Marissa sleeps with us on our Queen sized bed at night and she sleeps in the cot during the day but we hope she will sleep in her new bed at night soon. She was really excited to see the bed when she woke up this morning. She climbed in and pretended to sleep on the bed.

Marissa is now 15 months. She weighs 8.7kg and is 76.5cm tall. She is very clingy and would always follow me wherever I go.... even to the loo! She wants to sit on the kitchen tabletop as I wash the dishes, she wants to play in the bathroom when I have to poo and she must sit on my lap when I eat my meals at the dining table.

She can call us "Mommy" & "Daddy". At first she mispronounced "mommy" as "money" but now she will call "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! Mommy?". She can say "baby", "book", "there", "here", and lots more other single words.

Evan, on the other hand, has improved tremendously in his coloring skills. He can coordinate better now with color pencils - must be all the practice in school. He's currently into 'cooking' and 'making ice cream' as well as 'Transformers'. He's gotten over the 'Power Rangers' phase already. He's one guy who's so totally into ROBOTS! He had a field day at my brother's place playing with Lego Star Wars & building 'robots'.

Larry has been revising phonics with Evan but I find it confusing. I never learnt phonics but I could still read at a young age (my mom said 4 years). So I tried teaching Evan to read with the Ladybird Keywords Reading Scheme. He could read books 1a & 1b already within 2-3weeks. Will continue with books 2a & 2b in the series and check his progress.

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A Mom's Diary said...

I'm totally hopeless with phonics as well. Dunno how I'm gonna guide or do revision with her :-(