Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Food & Friendship

Marissa posing with my 2 ex-bridesmaids

Makan-makan at Marche Movenpick with Sock Hooi, Siok Keim & Haw Yeng on Raya 1st day. Sock Hooi came down from Penang for a short visit during the long weekend.

Evan & Marissa at the Gardens, Mid Valley on Raya 1st day. We went to Chinoz for dinner. I absolutely love the local dishes available there eg chicken rice, nyonya rice etc. The pizzas are sumptous too. Unfortunately our attempt to feed Evan pizza didnt turn out well - he nibbled a bit and decided that was it.

Matching skeleton Halloween pajamas from Gymboree

Evan will wear this for the Halloween Party cum Gymbo's Birthday Celebration next month. The bones on the pajamas glow in the dark! We went to Pavillion KL on Raya 2nd day and ate at the food court there. Excellent selection of food stalls. Parking was super pricey though and the food is only so-so.

On Raya 3rd day,  had lunch at Marco's Pizza. This time Evan ate about 2 slices of Pizza and fed himself French Fries. Was so surprised he ate cos he is so fussy when it comes to food.

For dinner, we met up with Pauline and her family. I got to know Pauline at my very first Scripture Union Camp at Cameron Highlands (>20 years ago!). From there, we've attended a few other camps together with Priscilla as well.  More details of the dinner at Priscilla's blog.

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