Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend

We attended Gymboree's Halloween Party cum Gymbo's birthday at Tropicana Mall on 31st Oct. Marissa was considered too young for the party but we brought her along as well. Both of them wore their Gymboree skeleton pajamas. About 10 kids & their parents were present.

The party started at 5:30pm and the format was more or less like a typical Gymboree Play Class. Even Marissa who was standing at the sidelines wanted to participate in the fun.

First up the kids had a craft session whereby they made Trick or Treat Bags. Everyone was seated on the parachute. After that, the kids went around climbing and jumping and searching for pumpkins. They had singing and dancing and bubble fun as well. There was also a special appearance by Gymbo the Clown. One of the girls was scared stiff of Gymbo......

As for Evan, he was scared of the gorilla! The Gymboree instructors were dressed up in costumes as well eg bat, cat & um...gorilla. They did a special dance performance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Evan stood at a distance to watch.... with his friend whom he referred to as "Jester" - see pic below.

There was a pirate captain, vampire, wizard, transformer robot and a handful of fairies. Evan went up to one of the fairies and said "Hello princess - I Love You!"

After all the fun activities we adjourned to one of the rooms for makan. All the kids had McDonald's Happy Meal. Some mommies prepared finger food. They had nice Gymbo napkins & party plates. Evan nibbled a bit of fried chicken & nuggets. He drank orange juice and had some jelly. Everyone went home with a Gymbo helium balloon.

We went to Toy R Us for awhile as it was strategically located just 2 doors away from Gymboree. After that, we hopped over to Santini for dinner. We were already half-full so we just ordered a caesar salad and a smoothie. The kids were eligible for free kids meals as they were in Halloween costumes. Marissa enjoyed her wild mushroom soup entree and kept asking for "more! more!". Evan ate some of his spaghetti alfredo but just the pasta only but not the sausage. Marissa refused to eat her grilled fish. For dessert, they had vanilla gelato. All the waiters were dressed in scary costumes. The restaurant was also decorated with spooky stuff. At the end of dinner, Evan took a photo with our waiter.

Took a pic of Marissa at home.....

On 1st Nov, we went out for dinner again at Fish & co. 1 Utama.  No free kids meal this time though

1 Utama had some Halloween promotion and there were booths put up. So now all the fun is over and it's time for kindergarten exams.....

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