Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Injured Soldier

Evan injured 4th finger while in church today. One of the kids accidentally slammed the door on his finger. He cried and jumped in pain. So we promptly brought him to Baby & Beyond - a paediatric centre located in Bangsar Village II to seek treatment because our regular paed's clinic (Dr Koe Child Clinic) is closed on Sundays.

Dr Rajini was the paed on duty. We've brought Evan to see her before this for behavioural assessments last month (just to rule out ADHD) so he's familiar with her. 

I am better now!

Dr Rajini examined Evan and immobilized the affected finger with a splint and bandage. She said that he will have a haematoma but it's not necessary to prick the nail with a needle to relieve any pressure within the nailbed.Everything was done very professionally and with care and attention. I was instructed to remove the bandage after 6 hours. And after I did, the finger was not badly swollen and Evan didn't even complain of pain although the finger has turned blue-black.

The receptionist cum staff nurse was very friendly and helpful too. The environment is also clean and spacious. No long waiting queues and best of all - even if you need to wait, the children will be fascinated with the wooden playhouse and wooden kitchen playset there. Lots of reading materials for the adults. The fees are not very steep I would say (we paid RM60 for the consulation and treatment) and I certainly wouldn't mind coming here again if the kids need medical attention.

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