Monday, January 18, 2010

Writing Desk for Evan

I bought Evan a new writing desk & stool set specially ordered from Babyland SS2. Cost is pretty steep but it's a high quality desk with plenty of handy features.

Art Master Activity Desk by Step 2

Hidden compartment to store drawings and such

Lights to ease eye strain

Lots and lots of storage space - behind the desk and also at the sides.
Plus there's a shelf on top to store writing & art materials

Considering that this is made in USA of durable plastic plus all the features mentioned above - RM660 is just OK for this. For comparison's sake, Ikea's Mammut table and chair already costs RM160+..... and the table has no storage compartments. 
We keep Evan's activity books, paper, colours & art material in this  desk. Sometimes, he will sit down and draw, colour or write. Even Marissa is interested in using the desk to doodle.

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Collin said...

Wow! It looks like it's gonna transform into a robot or something! Cool play-furniture!!