Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kedai Mini Muffin Contest

What's cute, dainty & yellow in color???
A durian-flavored mini muffin, of course!

Do you know that these mini muffins are available in a rainbow of flavors like strawberry, blueberry and mocha, just to name a few?

Do you know that these mini muffins can be kept frozen in the freezer to maintain its freshness and all you have to do is just reheat them in the microwave prior to serving?

Do you know that you can order freshly baked mini muffins from Kedai Mini Muffin and have them deliver them to you?

Do you ALSO know that Kedai Mini Muffin is organizing a Count the Mini Muffins Contest from now until 20th February 2010?

Contestants stand to win mini muffins and MORE mini muffins!
What are you gonna do with soooooo many mini muffins, you ask?
Well, these mini muffins are perfect for wedding favors or to serve during a wedding reception. If you are already married, then these mini muffins will definitely delight the kids especially during parties! You can even pick the color/flavor of the mini muffins to match your theme! Plus these are also perfect for all occasions e.g. tea party, buah tangan or even a Valentine's Day pressie (make sure you order the pink ones!)

So if you wanna score some mini muffins... come join this contest!

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