Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Party at PKC

Praise Kids Church (PKC) at Subang Methodist Church organised a children's Easter Party. About 20 kids attended the event. Aunty Dorothy (Pastor's wife) shared the Easter message to all the kids using a slide presentation. Evan was busy squirming on the mat and doing his own thing to the extent that Pastor Robert had to seat him on his lap and go through the message together with him. Marissa was OK with Larry carrying her.

After the presentation, I went on stage to perform a simple magic trick - so simple that even one of the kids knew what I was gonna do BEFORE I could do the trick! Hmmm..... anyway, I prepared quiz questions on the Easter message for the kids. Each correct answer was rewarded with a balloon sculpture!

I twisted some palm trees, angel halos, crosses, hearts, zany hats and a few animals. The kids were all very enthusiastic in answering the questions. After that they had games and also snacks.

The children then went down for the church service and stayed for the worship session. After that, they gathered to watch Veggie Tales : The Easter Carol upstairs during the sermon. 

Rev. Ronnie Teoh was guest speaker and he spoke about the evidence of Jesus' resurrection. Lunch was catered but both kids didn't eat very much. Evan dozed off in the car on the way back home. He was tired out by all the excitement! Yes, it's good to be excited - for Jesus is not dead but ALIVE! and He is coming again!

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