Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Love.....

I had a blast at Hong Kong Disneyland during my family holiday last week. So....just to share some of the things I love during the short stay there!

It's a great place to go to..... and indulge in all things Mickey, Minnie and Jiminy Cricket! Well..... Jiminy Cricket is the spokes-cricket for Earth Day at HK Disneyland. The entire week I was there - it was Earth Week (Earth Day was celebrated on 22nd April 2010).
There were special activities for kids and adults alike e.g. fun recycling-themed games, green tutorials etc.

 Evan took a photo with Jiminy Cricket at Fantasyland.

There are so many places to shop to your hearts content here in Hong Kong Disneyland e.g. in Main Street USA itself, there is a crystal art shop, bakery and  souvenir shops. HK Disneyland also sells reusable shopping bags priced at HKD$20 but during the Earth Week, it was on promo price for HKD$10. So I snagged one of it!

Burns calories and is good for the environment. We took nice and leisurely walks around the gardens of HK Disneyland Hotel and Disney's Hollywood Hotel. We also walked a lot exploring Disneyland. We rented a stroller to push Marissa around. Cost of rental is HKD$60 per day. A HKD$40 deposit is required.

Marissa was fascinated with the Stitch bubble machine

Dim Sum and Chinese cuisine are aplenty here in HK Disneyland. We ate dim sum almost everyday and it's soooo yummy! My little girl loves to snack too - the eco-friendly way. All I have to do is eat a little extra food and drink a little extra water and I am able to produce quality breastmilk for her. Breastfeeding is very environmental friendly compared to artificial feeding which adds to environmental pollution in its manufacture, packaging, transport and preparation. I do not need to lug around bottles/formula/water or use up energy to boil water or use any water to wash bottles at all. There's a baby care centre in Disneyland which has 2 nursing rooms, each equipped with a table and rocking chairs. 

Marissa snacked here....

.... while we snacked here : Comet Cafe in Tomorrowland

Spotted lots of recycling bins around the entire park! Extremely convenient to separate rubbish for recycling. Check these out! 

Spotted this recycling bin on Main Street USA. Jiminy Cricket again on the bin!

While on the topic of recylcing..... I would like to mention here that Sloggi has recently launched its Love World Love Sloggi collection of lingerie made from recylced materials (plastic bottles included!). Wow! This is indeed a positive step towards a greener future for all of us. I hope to see eco-friendly nursing bras from Sloggi in the near future! Anyway, in Tomorrowland....

.........another set of recycling bins. 

Finally - my favourite ride in HK Disneyland : It's A Small World


The best ever present we can ever give to our kids is a trip to Disneyland ... not!
Actually, the best thing we can ever give to our children is LOVE! 

Love our world - Love our children - Love our planet

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