Wednesday, April 7, 2010

H1N1 & RM1

Evan went to school on Monday as usual but was sent home because of a confirmed H1N1 case in his class. He is required to be absent from school for one week. Seems like the H1N1 case was detected on Friday. Anyway, Evan is quite happy to be at home - we are also less stressed - no need to rush in the mornings to get to school. My mom came up to stay with us for a short holiday and will be going back on Monday when Evan goes back to school. 

Today - Evan woke up extra early by himself. Wished everyone good morning and promptly ate his breakfast without any fuss. No one hurried him or nagged him to eat fast. All accomplished by 7:40am! 
If everyday like this..... very senang.

Oh and last night, we brought my mom out for makan at Gardens Canton-i. They are currently having a RM1 chicken promotion. We first went there for Dim Sum but it wasn't that good so we've not stepped into that restaurant for a very long time already. 
This time, we ordered dishes and rice. The RM1 chicken is SUPERB! Too bad no photos - forgot to bring along.....
Oh back to the chicken.... it was a whole chicken - very tender - and roasted to perfection! The chilli sauce also tastes great!
We also ordered 2 other vege dishes : baby french beans stir fried with crispy ikan bilis and something.... it was a huge portion - good for 5 or 6 adults. Marissa loved the sauce that accompanied the dish. Then we also had eggplants (huge serving) with minced meat in a sweet tomoto-ish sauce. Good as well. 3 bowls of rice and 2 cups of Pu-Er tea and 1 glass of warm water. Everything added up to RM55.00. Very sumptious meal and we wouldn't mind going there again soon to savour the RM1 chicken again!

The promotion is ongoing - no 'expiry' - don't know when they will stop it. If 4 pax, RM1 is for a whole chicken. 2-3pax, will get half chicken. Only for dine-in from 6pm-9pm.

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