Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Travel gear for Hong Kong Disneyland Trip

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Really looking forward to our upcoming holiday!

Splurged on some cool stuff for this trip..... 

First up: Tipu the Tiger Trunki for Evan as a hand luggage. He can sit on top of the bag and push himself on the wheels all around the airport. There's also a strap for one of us to pull him along. Not sure how handy this will be but at least there's something that he can sit on while lining up! We plan to stuff his backpack inside the trunki plus some new toys to occupy the kids while flying.

Next up, a brand new camera! Fujifilm F70 EXR

I like this one but still haven't practised enough using it so photos still don't look so nice. Of course, the easy way is to just use AUTO mode. Will bring along the old Canon one as well - still working OK after 2 years. 

We will also bring along the Hipseat - something I bought about a year plus ago from the UK. It will be very convenient for Marissa to sit on especially when we queue up while waiting for the rides at Disneyland!

On another note, I just found out that there are amendments to the benefits for Disneyland Annual Pass holders. We get to enjoy 35% discount off hotel room rates instead of the previous 15%. Even with discount, we are spending about RM420 per room per night. No breakfast included. We will see whether it's worth it or not very soon

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