Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kwik Cut

Larry was at Kwik Cut Ikano Power Center for his haircut and Marissa tagged along. While in the shop, I asked whether she would like a haircut  herself and she said OK. She had never had her hair cut in a shop before but she was so cool about it. She sat quietly and allowed the hairstylist to cut her hair! Much better than what mommy can do!


wan har said...

as a hairdresser, my opinion is that the bob cut over emphasises marissa's broad forehead and underlines her already wide-set eyes. A soft side parting or side-swept bangs will shift attention to her other prettier features.

Hui-Wearn said...

wan har :thanks for voicing your opinion!
will keep that in mind the next time she gets her haircut. in the mean time, i guess i can use some hairclips to part her hair at the side.

Collin said...

Gasp!!....that's the horrific place where I almost lost my life at the hands of those barberians!...:-0

Really need some tips from marissa to help me thru this fear..:-p