Monday, November 15, 2010

TJC Concert & Graduation Ceremony

Evan performing his dance routine post-concert! He is wearing a Kadazan traditional costume minus the headband which fell off.

Anyway, I am proud that he danced so well - he remembered all the steps. His performance was the first on the agenda : Colours of Malaysia. It was a combined performance by 5 Aster & 5 Bluebell.

He was indeed very excited about the concert. He even reminded us that he will take a short nap before the concert starts in the evening. He also asked his father to comb his hair nicely after he put on his costume. Then he also reminded hubby to get going on time so that we all won't be late for the concert!

I must commend the efforts by the teachers. It was all very well-organized - lots of parents, grandparents, siblings and maids attended the concert. The costumes were all very colourful and well designed. Evan's costume costs RM60. He said he looked like a prince in his costume! 

The auditorium of DUMC i.e. the concert hall was very well equipped. It was indeed a grand event. I was surprised the kindergarten did not get the kids themselves to emcee - instead 2 young adults were the MCs for the event. However, three 6-year olds did go up on stage to give a welcome speech in three different languages.

I still remember that I was the MC during my kindergarten concert at the Convent. I was 6-years old then. I can vividly recall the costume I wore. It was a short coral red skirt with small flowery print and lace at the hem. I wore it over a white blouse. My mom also sewed me a matching headband. I performed a dance together with my classmates - we danced to the tune of 'Skip to my Lou'. I also gave a solo organ recital. A few of the Convent school's classrooms were readily converted into the concert hall by sliding open the partitions. Everything was so simple back then - I miss my good old schooling days! Oh.... and I never had a graduation ceremony from kindergarten. Hmm..... need to check with my mom.


prince n princess mum said...

nice costume you have there!

BuffaFly said...

good dancing. mine won't oblige me.
you can go to youtube and search for the music. Just google "Siti Nurhaliza Warna Warna Malaysia" so he doesn't have to dance in silence.