Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pasta Zanmai

We've been eating out at Japanese restaurants and Pasta Zanmai is one of our favs. Pasta Zanmai is located at 1 Utama, Old Wing and Mid Valley Megamall.
This was what we ordered for dinner at the 1U branch.

Ebi tempura 'temaki' but with a tortilla wrap instead of the usual seaweed. Dipping sauce : sesame. 
 Crabmeat & Avocado 'temaki' - again with tortilla wrap and sesame sauce. 

Miso Soup, Green Tea and Strawberry Milkshake for my boy who loves all things strawberry

Pasta in sesame sauce with crabmeat and avocado. Extremely delicious. I would recommend any pasta from the menu that has the sesame sauce.

Eel with garlic rice wrapped in egg ala pattaya style - also very delicious. Evan ate the eel and said it tastes like chicken fish! Marissa ate the egg cos Pasta Zanmai does not serve chawan mushi which is her favourite.

Green tea is on the expensive side RM3 each but it's free refills. order the iced green tea and you get a jugful of it. If you order the hot green tea, it comes in a teapot. The strawberry drink costs RM12 - again not cheap. However, the pasta and rice and miso soup came in a set for RM23 which was a decent price. Temakis cost RM5 each - pretty standard.