Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello Kitty Cake

Baked the Hello Kitty cake again for the kids! Used Pilsbury butter cake mix, 3 large eggs, SCS pure creamy unsalted butter and 300ml of water. Mixed everything together in my Kenwood stand mixer using the whisk attachment. Poured the batter into Wilton's Hello Kitty cake pan after spraying it with Wilton's Bake Release. Even then, a small portion of the cake got stuck on the pan - see pic above.

This is Wilton's Hello Kitty cake pan. Not sold here so it was purchased from the USA. By the way, the International Center of Cake Artistry (ICCA) has various cake pans available for sale - price is about RM75 on the average. As for character cake pans e.g. Cinderella, Dora, Diego, Strawberry Shortcake etc, they are available for rental only. RM150 deposit required. Rental charge for 3D/2N is RM15. The cake pans come with full set of instructions.

Anyway, back to the cake, I used royal icing for this cake piped using Star Tip #16. Actually, it's best to use buttercream for the cake instead of royal icing cos the royal icing will break down due to the grease in the butter cake. But since I made extra royal icing so don't waste lor.....The black outline is piping gel from Wilton.

The most punishing part of the cake decoration was covering Hello Kitty's face in white icing! My right hand was soooooo tired!

Both the kids couldn't wait to sink their teeth into the cake and both of them wanted to eat the pink ribbon first! 


Leona said...

The cake is so pretty and well sayang to cut into it!

A Mom's Diary said...

Wah! Really semangat la you.

KidsDreamWork said...

Was in the midst of browsing the net for bento class information and landed on your blog. Love this HK cake! So cute and what kind of patient to cover the whole cake!! :)

CathJ said...

This is so cute.. I purchase quite a lot of wilton pan when I was staying in Canada for couple of months.. but believe or not never use any of them yet.. (I forgot I have all those).. jeez.. ^_^

shoeluva said...

well's very pretty!