Monday, June 20, 2011

Wilton's Better Baking Classes..... the story so far....

Here are more pics from my baking classes - no.2 & no.3. To read about my first class, click here.

 Baked carrot cake! Ingredients : grated carrots, almonds, raisins, cinnamon etc

Frosted the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! Not difficult to do at all - the cake and the frosting. Will certainly try out the recipe and substitute almond with walnuts! Anyway, had a simple home cooked dinner at home and carrot cake for dessert on Father's Day.

Baked a pumpkin spice cake as well......  here's a pic of the pumpkin after being removed from the oven.

This is the pumpking spice cake - with lots of mashed pumpkin, mixed spices, ginger etc

Here's another cake : Red Velvet - seems to be the rage now.

 It's basically a chocolate cake but with red food coloring! 

Baked the cake in 2 separate special cake moulds

Then fill them up with french buttercream frosting. Ideally should be cream cheese frosting made from mascarpone cheese.

 My baking partner busy frosting her cake

 Stacked both cakes together and added on more frosting

Here's how the cake looked like when sliced. There's a heart shape inside! Perfect for Valentine's! 

 Here's one of the steps in cooking the French buttercream frosting.

 Have to stir fast fast - otherwise burn

Another cake : lemon pound cake with lemon glaze poured on top. Looking forward to my final class end of this week!

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