Saturday, June 11, 2011

I like Nippon Paint because......... it's Eco- and Health-Friendly!

Renovating our new condo was really a good learning experience - we made a few mistakes here and there. But one thing we didn't go wrong was purchasing more than 10 cans of Nippon paint! Gosh! We still have some leftovers for future touch-ups! 

My entire condominium - every single square inch of ceiling/wall/skirting/door is now awash in brilliant white paint giving it a clean spacious feel (the real reason why it's all white is because I don't know what color combinations the easy way out is everything white! ;P)

It was an easy choice for us as we wanted paint with ultra low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) - an air pollutant. Nippon - being the pioneer in brand in developing products with almost zero levels of VOC. Super eco-friendly. I really like that.

The bulk of the paint we bought was the Odour-less AirCare. What I really  really really like about this paint is it doesn't smell at all cos there's absolutely no formaldehyde in the formulation. And the bonus is.... the paint also absorbs formaldehyde and then converts it water vapour, refreshing my home in the process.

 Nippon's Odour-less AirCare Blobby - it comes equipped with a vacuum to suck in the harmful VOCs and emits fresh water vapour

If you've been to Ikea and walked past their aisles close to the check-out counters........ the  strong unpleasant smell that wafts into your nostrils are from formaldehyde! Potentially health-harming formaldehyde from my new built-in cabinets and furniture are readily absorbed by the many many square feet of Nippon paint! With 2 young kids at home, the health-friendly choice is definitely Nippon. Prolonged exposure to harmful indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde have been shown to cause skin allergies, nausea, throat irritations and other health problems. 

What I also like about the Odour-less AirCare paint is its washability as the kids tend to smudge the walls..... and its anti-bacterial properties.... not to mention the smooth and nice paint coatings which can last for years!

Here's a pic of my little girl with a few of the Nippon Paint Blobbies keychains that we received a free gifts when we bought the paints. She likes the blobbies very much and refers to them as the paint monsters! Do check out the Nippon Paint Blobbies Facebook Page!

And here's one of the bedrooms in my condo :

It's currently filled with the children's toys and books! Everything which doesn't quite fit anywhere else is 'parked' here cos I have not decided on the design and layout for my little girl's future room! Currently, the room is kinda boring with plain white walls and ceiling - no built-ins whatsoever - just loose furniture. I hope the Nippon Odour-less AirCare Blobby in Pink will be able to transform this bedroom so beautifully that my little princess will want to sleep here all by herself!

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