Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Broga Hill

I've never heard of Broga Hill until one fine day when Sock Hooi (my ex-room mate from varsity days) called me and persuaded me to hike up the hill with her and some other friends. I said OK but was quite worried whether my legs can complete the hike. I talked to Evan about the hike and he was interested to go too. Great!

We woke up early in the morning at about 4:30am and left our place at 5am. Arrived at Broga Hill within 45 minutes. Lots of people were already hiking up the hill and the place is pitch dark. The people there were mainly youths and there were a few families with young children. 

My stamina was not so good (was panting after 15minutes hike!) so I decided to stop at the first peak of the hill (there are 4 peaks). Evan was really gung-ho and he went up higher with the rest and then eventually came down to rest with me. He provided some comic relief to everyone with his dramatic expressions while climbing.

We took lots of photos..... lots of lalang there. Managed to see the sunrise just before 7am. Drank Milo and ate 2 muesli bars for breakfast. Prior to the hike, I just had an oats drink.

Evan developed skin rashes where the torch headband was on his forehead. Too sweaty I supposed..... applying some bethamethasone cream now to control the rash.

rubber tree at foot of hill

We hiked down the hill at about 8 plus. Going down was much faster - taking only 15-20 minutes. At the foot of the hill there were stalls selling coconut water and 100 plus. We sat down for chit chat at the tables there. 
For the adventurous, can check out the Rabbit Fun Land just opposite the hill or drive to Broga town to try out the ABC or street food.

Not to be missed at Broga is the grilled fish! There's this restaurant is located in a secluded area behind the famous Chinese temple. Freshly caught fish from the pond and grilled over charcoal - extremely delicious! Many flavours available e.g. chilli, herbal, tom yam. Rice and other vege are also available to add on.

Would recommend the hike for families or even for father-son bonding. As for me, had an enjoyable time catching up with Sock Hooi and also Irene. A big thank you to Sock Hooi who helped Evan hike and Irene who provided the transportation.


prince n princess mum said...

Lovely nature outings!~

A Mom's Diary said...

The rabbit farm is quite a nice place. I think Marissa will enjoy it.