Friday, August 12, 2011

Ballet for Evan

Yes - you read it right! Ballet for Evan! He's currently taking ballet classes  on a weekly basis at Sole to Soul Dance Studio. He attended trial classes together with Marissa on the same day (but different class cos different age group).  Since he is interested to continue lessons - we signed him up for the beginners' ballet for boys' scholarship program.

Here he is posing with his ballet attendance book before the class. The children are rewarded with stickers after each lesson and they collect them in this book. It's important to wear the appropriate clothing for ballet, hence Evan wears a leotard and tights. His ballet shoes have not arrived yet cos have to pre-order - there are none in stock in his size.

Only 6 students in this class : 4 girls and 2 boys.  2 were absent during this particular class - I took a snapshot from outside the dance room. Parents can view their kids throughout the lesson. Ms Alice - the principal of the dance studio - usually has many props for the kids e.g. wands, feathers, pirate swords and glittery strings - as above.

From what I've observed, Evan tries his best to dance and follow the instructions although his movements are more comical than graceful. Well, at least he is having fun......

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A Mom's Diary said...

Supposed to be for Marissa, end up Evan pulak enrolled :-) But the class set up looks impressive.